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The best legacy that the past can leave is the presence of traces of existence. This makes it possible to understand how and under what circumstances the world of today was created. The earth has taken a long time to shape its current landforms. The cave of La Cocalière is a beautiful proof of this tumultuous past.

Underground adventure

La Grotte de Cocalière is located in the borders of the Ardèche, near Gard. It is classified among the most beautiful caves in France. In the site, you will enjoy a guided and commented tour of about an hour. The stars are stalagmites and stalactites as well as calcite concretions. They alone tell what happened hundreds of millions of years before the current era. In addition, some of these concretions have circular and atypical shapes. It even seemed as if some people don't follow the usual laws of physics. You will also have some majestic crystals that will make your eyes sublimate. All this is added with a touch of clear, multicoloured water, which will leave you speechless by its beauty. Finally, story lovers will discover a real treasure there because they will have bone residues from excavations

Useful information on La Grotte de la Cocaliere

La grotte de la Cocaliere is a developed place that can accommodate any age group. The temperature is quite cold since it is maintained at 14°C. It is recommended to bring a sweater if you have a history of cold weather. In general, the cave opens its doors every day from the spring holidays until the end of the All Saints' Day holidays. Children under six years of age can access it free of charge. Adults will have to pay twelve euros and children between six and twelve years old will have to pay eight euros. Note that the return trip will be made by a small train.
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