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The Most Beautiful Villages
of France in Ardèche

It’s easy to fall in love with Ardèche. The department is renowned for its rich historical and cultural heritage.

During your vacation in the Ardèche at camping le Ranc Davaine, you’ll have the chance to visit some of the 18 ” Most Beautiful Villages in France ” in the department, some of which are among the region’s most visited destinations: Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, Balazuc, Labeaume, among others.

Visit Vallon Pont d’Arc

Vallon-Pont-d’Arc is one of the main destinations in southern Ardèche. The commune is a veritable Mecca of prehistory, and owes its reputation to the many caves located nearby.

Vallon-Pont-d’Arc also owes its appeal to the majestic natural arch that serves as the gateway to the Ardèche Gorge, the Pont d’Arc. At 54 m high and 60 m wide, this geological curiosity never ceases to impress tourists, including those who have been here before.

A stay in one of France’s most beautiful villages in the Ardèche is also an opportunity to explore the Ardèche gorges by car, on foot or by canoe. You can also explore the site by boat.

This option is particularly popular with families with young children, as even children under 7 and non-swimmers are admitted. What’s more, visitors are given more detailed explanations of the site’s features and history – a must-do activity in the Ardèche!



Vogüé is recognizable by its amphitheater-like setting on the edge of the gorge. The village also appears to be an extension of the mountain.

This peaceful Ardèche town is appreciated for the beauty of its panoramic views as well as for its gentle way of life. Ranked among France’s most beautiful villages in the Ardèche, Vogüé is also known for its rich historical and cultural heritage.

A visit to its 12th-century castle, for example, is a great way to delve into the history of one of the region’s oldest cities.

Built into the rock face, this perched village also attracts many visitors. They particularly appreciate the city’s relaxed lifestyle and timeless charm, as well as the beauty of its views over the surrounding countryside.


Balazuc is an ancient town, whose origins date back to prehistoric times.

The village, especially its center, is also characterized by a picturesque setting, with winding lanes intertwined with vaulted passageways, arcades and staircases.



In Labeaume, visitors can also discover a picturesque historic town center, with rustic houses built from pebbles.

The village, surrounded by impressive limestone cliffs, overlooks the river of the same name. This is spanned by a small bridge, which offers a pleasant walk for visitors.

Labeaume is also known for its caves and typical Ardèche stone houses. The local heritage also includes a beautiful church, whose charm has remained unchanged over the years.

The classical music festival adds to the appeal of Labeaume and its enchanting architecture.


Ranked as one of France’s most beautiful villages in the Ardèche, Saint-Montan lies on the border with the Drôme. A true village of character, this Ardèche locality is a destination whose cobbled streets are perfect for leisurely strolls with friends or family.

During these walks, visitors have the chance to discover and appreciate charming stone houses typical of the Middle Ages, as well as the castle that dominates the village.


Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron is the most perched village in the Ardèche, offering an exceptionally beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.

The city was once solidly protected by ramparts. Only the ruins of the castle and the church bear witness to its medieval past.


Classified as one of France’s most beautiful villages in the Ardèche, located in the canton of Aubenas, it is made up of twelve hamlets, each of which offers a resort ideal for relaxing with friends or family. A visit to the village allows you to discover or learn more about some of the pages of Ardèche history.

Renowned for its historical and architectural heritage, one of Ailhon’ s most precious jewels is its church, the oldest parts of which date back to the 12th century. Visitors are also seduced by the beauty of the surrounding natural areas, in particular the maritime pine forest.


Boucieu-le-Roi has been designated a village of character, overlooking a major meander of the Doux, and is a convenient starting point for exploring the valley and its typical Ardèche natural sites. The village is also known for its heritage.

The visit plunges you into a part of Ardèche history, through important relics such as the Pont du Roi (King’s Bridge), the Chemin de Croix (Way of the Cross) and typical Vivarais houses.


Nestled at the foot of the Cévennes, facing the Ardèche limestone plain, Banne is one of France’s most beautiful villages in the Ardèche. Not to be missed are the medieval castle perched on the hill and the parish church.

A stroll through the two hamlets that make up the village also allows you to appreciate charming spots such as the cultivated terraces in the valley.
Banne is also famous for its 27 dolmens, megalithic monuments made of rough stones arranged in the shape of a gigantic table.


This medieval village of character has been solidly protected by ramparts since the 14th century. Ruoms’ historic remains also include the Notre-Dame-des-Pommiers chapel, around which the town’s defenses were built.

The village is a delight for outdoor enthusiasts and history and architecture buffs alike. It’s a quiet resort where you can recharge your batteries with friends or family. This is where the annual Aluna Festival takes place in the Ardèche.


Listed as one of France’s most beautiful villages in the Ardèche, this town in the south of the département welcomes visitors to an enchanting setting in the heart of nature. The holiday allows you to enjoy a variety of natural areas such as vineyards, garrigues, woods and mountains.

Beaulieu is a typical setting where families, couples and groups of friends enjoy a change of scenery. Visitors set off on hikes to discover all the riches of the surrounding countryside, and enjoy the village’s swimming spots along the way.

Beaulieu is also a destination rich in heritage, with precious historical remains such as its chapel and former monastery. Just stroll the narrow streets of this city steeped in history and you’ll appreciate the unique character and warm soul of its inhabitants.


This ancient hilltop village also tells some of the region’s history. The medieval town tells this story through its remains, such as the chapel of Saint-Barthélemy and the tower of the ancient castle.

Other vestiges of the past can be discovered in the narrow streets of this Ardèche village.


Located at the foot of the Coiron massif, Alba-la-Romaine is a village with over 2,000 years of history. The town also owes its reputation to the authenticity and uniqueness of its architectural heritage, characterized by basalt and limestone checkerboard facades.

The village also boasts fortifications and cobbled, vaulted streets that form a veritable labyrinth.


Classified as one of the most beautiful villages of France in the Ardèche, this formerly fortified village dominates the Ligne valley. Set in the southern foothills of the Tanargue massif, the medieval town boasts panoramic views of exceptional beauty.

Visitors are seduced by the beauty of the surrounding countryside, as much as by the richness of the village’s heritage, particularly the church and its bell tower, which are the main architectural features of the village.


A typical village in the southern Ardèche region, Naves is ideally located for exploring the Cévennes National Park and the Monts d’Ardèche Regional Nature Park.

The narrow streets and ancient houses form a picturesque backdrop. Here, visitors can make important historical discoveries.


A stay in Thines is a wonderful opportunity to discover a mosaic of breathtaking landscapes. More precisely, the village is nestled in the heart of a wild valley where you can admire crystal-clear rivers and chestnut groves.

With its narrow streets, lauze roofs and Romanesque church, this medieval town has an authentic character and a rich heritage.


Chalencon is located in the heart of the Monts d’Ardèche regional nature park. Perched at a height of 700 m, the village is steeped in history, and tells its own story through its heritage and narrow streets.

Labelled a “village de caractère” and also a “Petite cité de caractère en France”, the medieval town is also appreciated for the beauty of its panoramic views of the Alps, Vercors, Mont Mézenc and Gerbier-de-Jonc.


Ranked as one of France’s most beautiful villages in the Ardèche, Beauchastel borders the Rhône and enjoys a Mediterranean climate – its elevated position shelters it from the Mistral wind. Here, visitors have the chance to admire a rich medieval heritage, including houses made of shale and pebbles.

Lovers of the great outdoors will also find plenty to do here, including exploring the surrounding countryside by bike on the Dolce Via and Via Rhôna.