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Enjoy nature
in the Ardèche

Located in the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the Ardèche is not only seductive for its beautiful Provencal climate, but also for the heterogeneity of its landscape. The natural beauty of the Ardèche attracts a good number of tourists every year.

Looking for peace and quiet? The Ardèche is an ideal destination for your next vacation. Rivers, forests, gorges, lakes, valleys, vineyards … There are so many wonders to discover in the département! When you stay at our campsite in Saint-Alban-Auriolles, you’ll be close to nature in the Ardèche.

Diverse landscapes in the Ardèche

Its geographical location makes the Ardèche an ideal place to discover nature in the south-east of France. To the west of the département lies the Rhône Valley, while to the east lies the Massif Central. This location allows it to enjoy a beautiful variety of landscapes.

For just a taste of what you can discover in the Ardèche, rivers and lakes are a must. They are ideal for water sports and swimming. Numerous caves with subterranean wonders also lie hidden in the département.

Vineyards, lush green valleys, extinct volcanoes and gorges carved by rivers offer remarkable panoramas. And last but not least, the rustic atmosphere and picturesque scenery of the villages in the Ardèche region will win you over. In short, nature in the Ardèche promises magical discoveries!

Natural sites not to be missed during your stay

During your stay in the Ardèche, here are THE must-see natural sites.
First of all, the Ardèche gorges, which stretch for some thirty kilometers through several communes in the department. On a descent of the gorges, discover the famous natural arch of the Pont d’Arc, an emblematic symbol of the Ardèche.

Discover the Sampzon rock, a natural belvedere offering panoramic views of the Ardèche countryside. The Bois de Païolive is a veritable mineral labyrinth, attracting visitors with its atypical rock formations and vegetation.
Explore the Monts d’Ardèche Regional Nature Park, and take a trip to the crystal-clear Ray Pic waterfall, 60 m high.
Don’t forget the Grotte de la Cocalière, one of France’s most beautiful caves, with its enchanting interior.

These natural sites in the Ardèche are within easy reach of our Ranc Davaine campsite, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on what you can do in the lush countryside of the Ardèche!