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Are you planning to go on vacation soon?
To make your romantic or family getaway unforgettable, choose the Ardèche as your destination !

It’s a place where nature and heritage blend harmoniously. Attracting thousands of travelers every year, the Ardèche is unique in many ways, offering both wild beauty and architectural marvels.

Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast, a history buff or simply looking for some peace and quiet, this region is sure to delight.

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The Ardèche in a nutshell

Located in southeastern France, Ardèche is one of the ten departments making up the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Bordered to the east by the majestic Rhône, forming a natural border, and to the west by the eastern edge of the Massif Central, the region is characterized by a mountainous, rural landscape.

A river of the same name runs through the area from east to west. The Ardèche is renowned for its spectacular gorges and impressive rock formations.

Its vast plateaus, lush forests and picturesque mountains make it a paradise for nature lovers.

5 good reasons to stay in the Ardèche

There are many different reasons why families or couples might want to visit the Ardèche, but all agree on the following points:

  • sunny days from spring to autumn
  • the perfect playground foroutdoor enthusiasts
  • a varied gastronomy dominated by local products such as truffles, wines and goat’s cheese
  • characterful villages just waiting to be discovered, transporting you back to an authentic past
  • breathtaking and diverse natural landscapes
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Nature and landscape
in the Ardèche

On a vacation in the Ardèche, you’ll be enchanted by the beauty of the unique landscapes. From forests perched meters above sea level to contrasting landscapes , lakes and famous canyon-cut gorges , the Ardèche offers incredible diversity.

Discover the Ardèche gorges, where you’ll be dazzled by the spectacular cliffs and turquoise waters that surround you. The Monts d’Ardèche regional nature park is not to be missed, with its lush forests and panoramic peaks. Explore the Pont d’Arc, a natural arch shaped by the river.

In the Ardèche department, the landscape is formed by a wide variety of plant species, including chestnut, pine and juniper. Postcard-worthy! The fauna is equally rich, with species such as beaver, deer, roe deer, wild boar, golden eagle and griffon vulture.

Character villages in the Ardèche

The villages of Vogüé are among the Ardèche‘s best-known attractions. Its medieval castle, set high up in the hills, offers a breathtaking view of charming stone houses and cobbled streets.

Overlooking the Ardèche river, the village of Balazuc stands out for its breathtaking views and authentic charm. Overlooking 3 rivers, Antraigues will seduce you with its gentle lifestyle and southern ambiance.

This was the home of the famous singer Jean Ferrat. Nestled between a volcano and basalt flows, the village of Jaujac stands out for its steep streets and 3 famous medieval castles.

Clinging to rock faces, nestling on peaks or nestling in gorges, these villages of character in the Ardèche invite you to step back in time through a unique heritage and a singular atmosphere.

The department’s must-see activities

With its wide range of activities, the Ardèche has something for everyone. Dive into adventure with a canoeing trip down the Gorges de l’Ardèche. A sensational experience that immerses you in the heart of the wilderness.

Continue by climbing the rock faces of the Cirque de Gens. Although the Ardèche is not a coastal region, it does offer numerous river beaches and lakes where you can enjoy water sports such as pedalos, paddleboards and windsurfing.

Culture buffs can visit the region’s castles and museums, while families can enjoy the animal parks and amusement parks. Finally, treat yourself to a ride on an authentic steam train, which runs along the Vivarais railroad from Saint-Jean-de-Muzols to Lamastre.

Events for your Ardèche vacation

The Ardèche is considered a festive department due to the multitude of events that take place throughout the year.

Among the most famous, you can attend the Festival d’Alba-la-Romaine, the Festival d’Annonay or the Festival des Nuits de Marcolès, and of course the Aluna Festival at Camping Aluna Vacances in Ruoms.

These festivals attract large audiences and offer quality shows in picturesque settings.

The villages of the Ardèche are famous for their traditional festivals, including votive, patronal and medieval celebrations. These gather local people and visitors around concerts, fireworks and convivial meals.

The Ardèche is also known for its festive sporting events, such as cycle races and canoeing races on the Ardèche. Last but not least, numerous culinary and wine events are organized in the department, showcasing local products such as chestnuts, truffles and Ardèche wines.

How to get to the Ardèche

There are many ways to come to the Ardèche and enjoy its many attractions.

  • Car : Whether you drive your own car or a camper van, you can take the A7 and A75 freeways.
  • Train : You can also use the rail links between the Ardèche and the main French cities. The locality’s best-known train stations are Valence and Montélimar.
  • Bus : You can also take the bus on the regular routes linking the Ardèche to major cities.
  • Plane : Finally, if you prefer to fly, the Lyon-Saint Exupéry and Nîmes-Alès-Camargue-Cévennes airports are the closest to the Ardèche.