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A region of dreams gives way to an exceptional flora. For ages, France has influenced the world by its beauty and above all, by its gastronomy. But the hexagon still has something that stands out for all, the wine.

Wine Festival in Ardèche

Wine is the French drink par excellence. Moreover, the country produces several exceptional wines such as Bordeaux, Alsatian... Most of the regions of the hexagon have vineyards in each of which are just as exceptional as each other. The Ardèche is no exception to the rule. There is even a festivity dedicated to wine in the department. This is known as the « Feast of Ardèche winegrowers». It showcases local wines and regional products. The tastings of Cuvée are on the order of the day. This is of course accompanied by a refined and exquisite cuisine typical of French regions. If you venture into the department in the summer, you will have a good chance to participate. This will be an opportunity for you to fall in love with the Ardèche.

The program of the Festival of Winegrowers Ardèche

For this special day, the department organizes several fun activities. You will have a busy diary with bike rides, shows, animations in the streets of Ruoms, tours and free concerts. You will be able to participate in all this while having the wine at the heart of the event. Moreover, this festivity is well known beyond the Ardèche borders. Several specialists and oenologists converge towards the city to taste and praise unique products. You can also enjoy a gastronomy with the typical French tastes. In short, it would be magical to taste a fabulous wine with an exquisite dish..
All information is available at the reception of our campsite en Ardeche.

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