The Pont D’arc; Cavern

grotte Chauvet

Humanity has left its traces all over the world, and this, through the ages. In the years that began the prehistoric era, man did not have a sufficiently relevant means of communication. He then shaped nature to evoke his feelings. It is in this context that the Caverne du Pont d'Arc is located.

The perfect replica of the Chauvet Cave

La Caverne du Pont d’Arc was built in honour of the Grotte Chauvet. Indeed, as the latter could no longer receive visitors, at least from the general public, the administration decided to erect a site that would be a copy of the interior of the cave. Digital technology has made it possible to reproduce the sketches of the Chauvet cave in all their states as well as a three-dimensional representation. The cave extends over more than three thousand square meters on the ground. In addition, artists and sculptors have been involved in the production of some specific images requiring rock carving. The cave is a perfect place for visits to the Ardèche. This would allow you to feel the past for yourself through the drawings made by the Neanderthal's ancestors.

A place steeped in history

The Ardèche is a real treasure chest for archaeologists and lovers of ancient times. It contains a wide range of prints from the past. In addition to the Chauvet cave, you will have sites such as the Pont d'Arc itself or the gorges of the Ardèche... This department is a major tourist attraction in France. With this, you will have a preserved and exceptional nature. This is one of the reasons why most of the sites present are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you want to live moments of dreams, the Ardèche is the region for you. Easy to access, you will have no difficulty browsing the many sites in the department.
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