The Païolive Wood

France has to be proud of its landscapes through its departments. This is clearly felt when you take a look at the number of tourists who flock there every year. Magical places, unrivalled beaches, mountains to the heart, everything is concentrated in a single country. With this, there is also the flora whose forest is the main heart.

Secret of the Ardèche

Endemic species are often found in forests, far from human activity. That said, the Ardèche offers sixteen square kilometers of protected greenery and named Bois de Païolive. This territory extends over the lengths of the gorges of the Chassezac. You will see a typical area of the Mediterranean lands under this forest. In fact, you will encounter green and white oaks, but also natural sculptures in limestones. These trainings took hundreds of millions of years to build up, from the time the sea still occupied the scene. However, what really makes these woods special are the atypical forms that rocks have taken over time. You will think, for example, of a bear, a lion and even a bird with its nest, by its rocks.

Enjoy the surroundings of the wood of Paiolive

When you go to the Ardèche, you always prepare to face a breathtaking spectacle. It is indeed a very popular department of tourists and holidaymakers. In the vicinity, you will have the cascade of the Ray-Pic. The water will show you its most beautiful waterfalls that spring in the middle of the basaltic organs. In addition, you can enjoy the calmness of the water's edges on the shores of Lake Naussac. There will be several outdoor activities. More water, but this time the lake of Issarlès. In short, you will see for yourself that the Ardèche is a department where fauna and Flora enjoy a total haven of peace.
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