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It can be said that the hexagon is a privileged country. So the scenery is beautiful, no matter where you go. After the sumptuous sandy beaches and the mountains come from the plateaus with very attractive greens and sights. You will have all this in a department such as the Ardèche. And as always, a small town comes to make the exception in a region. For this case, this is Ruoms.

Overview of the City

Ruoms is a village that is formed in fact from a few small towns. The city is surrounded by five rivers. The ensemble is formed by villages of characters just as attractive as each other. It is very suitable for tourism and especially in summer. Ruoms attracts by an extraordinary landscape. You will be amazed by the spectacle offered on the limestone cliffs where the panorama will leave you breathless. With this, nature will enchant you with tunnels and vaults on the road. You will also see a deep gorge that will leave you silent in the soul. The country Ruomsois will mark your spirit by its particularly rustic cities accompanied by products of Terroirs very appreciated, namely, its cellars and its gastronomy.

The Essentials of Ruoms

In the first place, Ruoms is already very beautiful from the outside. Shady and fresh lanes open the way to the most indicated addresses. You will also have a very lively shopping street. The quote will enchant you with its ice creams, cafes and restaurants, very popular in summer. The water will also be at the rendezvous to give you all the pleasures. A beach and a picnic area await you on the outskirts of the Ardèche. Bike enthusiasts will also appreciate the Green lane that connects the city with Gropierres and Pradons. Glass works of art will also be on display in the village.
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