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It often happens that we take pleasure with modern edifications. However, we always feel a very profound feeling when faced with the development of mother Nature herself. Canyon, Arch, caves, all this constitutes unique masterpieces without being passed through the hands of man. Discover then Labeaume, a village nestled in the heart of an exceptional region.

Discover Labeaume

The city takes its name from the river that passes through its sides, the Beaume. It is located in the southern Ardèche, where nature has shaped the rocks in a unique way. Indeed, the village of Labeaume is found at the feet and at the very heart of steep cliffs. These rocks are easily recognizable since they are made of limestone. On the other hand, this makes one of the main building materials of the village. The city also enchants with its picturesque and rustic features highly appreciated by visitors and tourists. You will love above all you walk through the alleys that are real mazes. A little further afield, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Labeaume by being above the submersible bridge. Finally, why not enjoy beautiful days under the shadows of centuries-old plane trees on the banks of the water.

Activities in the area

When you pass through the city, you will surely not miss the imposing castle that was the duty guard. Further down you will have the remains of the old castle, the mill and also the Hanging gardens. It is a pity that you can no longer enjoy these gardens since they were once one of Labeaume's prides. On the gastronomy side, you will be amazed by the specialties based on Picodons, chestnuts or even stomachs. You will also remember the prehistoric episodes since Ardèche has several dolmens. You will surely find them in the vicinity of the city. In short, Labeaume does not come out of the Ardèche standard which is to enchant its visitors.
Labeaume is only 10km from campsite Ranc Davaine en Ardeche.

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