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The tree is an integral part of everyone's life. Indeed, we are now aware of several sensitizations related to the protection of nature, and in particular, the forest. This other living being contributes to giving humanity a healthier world. It is therefore only natural that a museum should be built in honour of a few.

Museum situation

The Musée de la Chataigneraie has honored the chestnut tree since the 17th century. It was a passionate antique dealer named after Mrs Coste who was at its origin. The place is in Joyeuse, in the Ardèche. The museum tells the story of the breadfruit tree and its importance for the Cévennes. Indeed, most of the buildings of the time were at the base of this tree. You will find several everyday objects, furniture and antique tools made with them in the museum. The inhabitants of the region give a special place to this species. The Ardèche then saw itself as the leading chestnut producer in France. In addition to furniture and objects, the tree is highly coveted by its fruits, which constitute an aromatic origin in pastry and cooking, for example, country chestnut terrines, gingerbread, cakes...

Useful information

The museum opens its doors for everyone. You will find games available for children from seven years old. It should be noted that the museum does not open on Mondays. During the summer holidays, the place is open from Tuesday to Sunday. If you want to spend some time enjoying the museum, you will have to pay about five euros. You will also enjoy a few tastings of local products at two Euros. It would be a very good idea to make a small detour to the town of Joyeuse.
All information is available at the reception of our 5 star campsite in Ardeche.

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