The City of Balazuc

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What enchants history is the fabulous stories that shaped the present day. It is often difficult to imagine that the ancestors survived a few anecdotes of the past. However, fingerprints exist to prove ancient times. This evidence can be documents, works of art, buildings and even a whole city. It is in this context that the city of Balazuc is located.

Overview of the village of Balazuc

Balazuc is a city perched on the top of a cliff. At the bottom is the peaceful Ardèche river. The city is in itself a restored historical heritage. On the other hand, the position of the city allows to show the strong place it was in ancient times. It has a qualification among the most beautiful villages in France. Medieval architectures are quickly recognized within the city. Maze of winding alleys, arches, arcades and staircases, all this will take you in the particular charm of BALAZUC. The best are nevertheless the two imposing monuments of the city. Indeed, the feudal castle and the Romanesque church of St. Madeleine will describe perfectly what one of your ancestors might have been living in. For a better view of the city, consider going to the other side of the Ardèche and let yourself be carried away by the town.

Activities in Balazuc

The city, despite its rustic features, is conducive to many activities. In the first place, you can take full advantage of the Ardèche because you will have access to a beach in Balazuc. You will have the opportunity to play kayaks or canoes and all the pleasures of the water. You can also take a few hikes along the river to reach an environmental education and sustainable Development Centre on Viel Audon. Balazuc has everything you need to make you fall into his charm. It is a recommended destination for a family stay in the Ardèche.

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