The Ardèche Aluna Festival

festival musique ardeche

Strong moments require at least one activity. Added from a place of dreams, the relaxation touches the utopia. Indeed, it is often said that the unforgettable moments are those that we live with passion. Music brings together several cultures into one entity. You could live it in a unique place to feel moments of exceptions at the alum Festival.

Beauty in music

In the Ardèche, an event is held annually in honor of the music. This is known as the Ardèche Alum Festival or commonly, the Alum Festival. Created in 2008 by Jean Boucher and David Ventura, the event is held during the third weekend of June. Its main objective is to attract holidaymakers during the early summer. Standing on the heights of the town of Ruoms, the Alum Festival has now become one of the most popular in the south of the hexagon. The festival features three scenes namely, the star scene for the headliners, the weatherer scene for local bands and artists and the comet scene for electro evenings. In addition to the fact that the event has festive features, the real goal is to promote tourism in the region.

Good reasons to go there

Being a music festival, The Aluna Festival will enchant you first with its unique scenes. Indeed, the place where the event is held is already a campsite. You will then have the privilege of residing where the feast will be, unlike presentations like the Bataclan for example. You can also see in depth what the Ardèche offers you as alternatives during your holidays. Enjoying a beautiful landscape, the region offers you several sites of renouns that will not leave you indifferent. Finally, you will start your holiday with a beautiful event. Already that the department is beautiful to see, it would be a more than it is good to live.
All the information is available at the reception of our campsite Ardèche.

festival aluna
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