The Alphonse Daudet Museum

Le Salon au Mas Daudet

Knowing the past allows us to build a better future. History defines the essence of each being. Through it, we succeed in understanding the facts and circumstances that led to the present time. However, how can we know our history if it is not through the heritage of our ancestors? Two great ways to disciver the past are a museum and the stories it can tell.

Art in all its splendour

Alphonse Daudet is a famous French author from the 19th century. He made history with famous novels such as "Lettres de mon moulin" and "Contes du Lundi"... The Alphonse Daudet Museum honours this great French writer. This beautiful monument is located at the Mas Daudet, the author's childhood home in St Alban Auriolles in the Ardèche, just 5km from the campsite. Its magnificent tree-lined park provides shade and some lovely spots for a picnic. Inside the museum, you will find exclusive artifacts from the author's life as well as a panoply of fascinating objects which bring to life exhibits about life in the 19th century Ardèche, relating to silk worm farms, chestnuts and much more.

The virtues of the Ardèche

A recurrant theme of Alphonse Daudet's works is his love of the Ardèche region... We can see this in a line that praises the Mas Daudet as a "blessed house... that cures me of Paris and its fevers."  The Ardèche remains a true haven of peace. It is only natural that a writer finds inspiration here for all manner of artworks, written or otherwise. You yourself could embark on a work of art while contemplating the beauty of the Ardèche gorges from upon high. The sight will not leave you indifferent. If you're interested in the past, don't miss the Alphonse Daudet Museum.
Further information is available at the reception of our campsite in the Ardeche.

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